Accepted Short Papers


CamQuest: Design and Evaluation of a Tablet Application for Educational Use in Preschools
Catherine Hedler; Jennie Berggren

Connecting Children To Nature with Technology: Sowing the Seeds for Pro-environmental Behaviour
Bronwyn Cumbo; Jeni Paay; Jesper Kjeldskov; Brent Jacobs

Connected Messages: A Maker Approach to Interactive Community Murals with Youth
Orkan Telhan; Yasmin Kafai; Richard Davis; K-Fai Steele; Barrie Adleberg

Design and Evaluation of Interactive Musical Fruit
Cumhur Erkut; Stefania Serafin; Jonas Fehr; Henrique Mrf Figueira; Theis Boisen Hansen; Nicholas John Kirwan; Mariam Radik Zakarian

Understanding Child-Defined Gestures and Children’s Mental Models for Touchscreen Tabletop Interaction
Karen Rust; Meethu Malu; Lisa Anthony; Leah Findlater

Jigsaw Together: A Distributed Collaborative Game for Players with Diverse Skills and Preferences
Dimitris Grammenos; Antonis Chatziantoniou

ChiroBot: Modular-Robotic manipulation via Spatial Hand Gestures
Jasjeet Singh Seehra; Ansh Verma; Karthik Ramani

Affective Communication Aid using Wearable Devices based on Biosignals
Yuji Takano; Kenji Suzuki

Screen Time for Children
Steven Lemay; Terry Costantino; Sheilah O’Connor; Eda Conte-Pitcher

Power Puppet: Science and Technology Education through Puppet Building
Firaz Peer; Michael Nitsche; La Schaffer

Motivating children’s initiations with novelty and surprise: Initial design recommendations for autism
Alyssa M. Alcorn; Helen Pain; Judith Good

MakeScape Lite: A Prototype Learning Environment for Making and Design
Brian Danielak; Adam Mechtley; Matthew Berland; Leilah Lyons

Stamp-On in a Museum: Helping Children’s Scientific Inquiry
Keita Muratsu; Ayako Ishiyama; Fusako Kusunoki; Shigenori Inagaki; Takao Terano

Children as Co-Researchers: More than just a role-play
Fenne van Doorn; Mathieu Gielen; Pieter Jan Stappers

Considering Visual Programming Environments for Documenting Physical Computing Artifacts
Eva-Sophie Katterfeldt

A Study Of Auti: A Socially Assistive Robotic Toy
Helen Andreae; Peter Andreae; Jason Low; Deirdre Brown

Design with the Deaf: Do Deaf children need their own approach when designing technology?
Leigh Ellen Potter; Jessica Korte; Sue Nielsen

Applying the CHECk tool to Participatory Design Sessions with Children
Maarten Van Mechelen; Gavin Sim; Bieke Zaman; Peggy Gregory; Karin Slegers; Matthew Horton

Low-fidelity Prototyping Tablet Applications for Children
Etienne Bertou; Suleman Shahid

An Owl in the Classroom: Development of an Interactive Storytelling Application for Preschoolers
Iris Soute; Henk Nijmeijer

KIKIWAKE: Participatory Design of Language Play Game for Children to Promote Creative Activity based on Recognition of Japanese Phonology
Takahiro Nakadai; Tomoki Taguchi; Ryohei Egusa; Miki Namatame; Masanori Sugimoto; Fusako Kusunoki; Etsuji Yamaguchi; Shigenori Inagaki; Yoshiaki Takeda; Hiroshi Mizoguchi

TangiPlan: Designing an Assistive Technology to Enhance Executive Functioning Among Children with ADHD
Orad Weisberg; Ayelet Gal-Oz; Ruth Berkowitz; Noa Weiss; Oran Peretz; Shlomi Azoulai; Daphne Kopelman-Rubin; Oren Zuckerman


Detecting Handwriting Errors with Visual Feedback in Early Childhood for Chinese Characters
Wai Wa Will Tang; Hong-Va Leong; Chi Fai Stephen Chan; Grace Ngai

Adapting Design Probes to explore health management practices in pediatric type 1 diabetes
Damyanka Tsvyatkova; Cristiano Storni

Design Guidelines for More Engaging Electronic Books: Insights from a Cooperative Inquiry Study
Luca Colombo; Monica Landoni; Elisa Rubegni

Do interactions speak louder than words? Dialogic reading of an interactive tablet-based e-book with children between 16 months and three years of age
Kasper Boldreel; Niklas Ammitzbøll Rasmussen; Anders Etzerodt Salling Pedersen; Joachim Lykke Østergaard Olesen; Hendrik Knoche

Building an Internet of School Things Ecosystem – a National Collaborative Experience
Chris Joyce; Han Pham; Danae Stanton Fraser; Stephen Payne; David Crellin; Sean McDougall

Exploring Challenging Group Dynamics in Participatory Design with Children
Maarten Van Mechelen; Mathieu Gielen; Vero Vanden Abeele; Ann Laenen; Bieke Zaman

ExciteTray: Developing an Assistive Technology to Promote Self-Feeding Among Young Children
Ayelet Gal-Oz; Orad Weisberg; Tal Keren-Capelovitch; Yair Uziel; Ronit Slyper; Patrice L. Tamar Weiss; Oren Zuckerman

Understanding and Fostering Children’s Storytelling During Game Narrative Design
Laura Benton; Asimina Vasalou; Daniel Gooch; Rilla Khaled

Interactive and Live Performance Design with Children
Karen Rust; Elizabeth Foss; Elizabeth Bonsignore; Brenna McNally; Chelsea Hordatt; Meethu Malu; Bie Mei; Hubert Kofi Gumbs

Designing digital media for creative mathematical learning
Chronis Kynigos; Foteini Moustaki

Craft, click and play: crafted video-games, a new approach for physical-digital entertainment
Jesus Ibanez Martinez

Head Mounted Displays and Deaf Children: Facilitating Sign Language in Challenging Learning Environments
Michael Jones; Jeannette Lawler; Eric Hintz; Nathan Bench; Fred Mangrubang; Mallory Trullender

3D Printed Tactile Picture Books for Children with Visual Impairments: A Design Probe
Abigale Stangl; Jeeeun Kim; Tom Yeh

Meta-Designing Interactive Outdoor Games for Children: A Case Study.
Susanne Lagerström; Iris Soute; Yves Florack; Panos Markopoulos

The Effect of Visual Contextual Structures on the Children’s Imagination in Story Authoring Interfaces
Sharon Lynn Chu; Francis Quek

Towards a Constructively Aligned Approach to Teaching Interaction Design & Children
Eva Eriksson; Olof Torgersson

Using Digital Game as Clinical Screening Test to detect Color Deficiency in Young Children
Linh Chi Nguyen; Weiquan Lu; Ellen Yi-Luen Do; Audrey Chia; Yuan Wang

SmartHolder: Sensing And Raising Families’ Awareness Of Tooth Brushing Habits
Ana Caraban; Maria José Ferreira; Vítor Belim; Olga Lyra; Evangelos Karapanos

Action! Designing Interactive Technology with Immigrant Teens
Karen Fisher; Ann Bishop; Lassana Magassa; Phil Fawcett

RaBit EscApe: A Board Game for Computational Thinking
Panagiotis Apostolellis; Michael Stewart; Chris Frisina; Dennis Kafura

FabCode: Visual Programming Environment for Digital Fabrication
Harshit Agrawal; Rishika Jain; Prabhat Kumar; Pradeep Yammiyavar; Vishesh Kumar

Frog Pond: A Code-First Learning Environment on Evolution and Natural Selection
Mike Horn; Corey Brady; Arthur Hjorth; Aditi Wagh; Uri Wilensky

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