Innovative Toy Company

Why LEGO Is The Most Innovative Toy Company In The World

Denmark is one of those few nations in the world that have displayed tremendous innovation potential. The biggest proof of this statement is the innovative toy company LEGO. Formally named as the LEGO Group, the company has succeeded in attracting great attention from the public. In addition, leveraging all its creativity to come up with interesting ideas using simple props, the company has succeeded in taking a place among the world’s most innovative companies.

Short history

LEGO Group started off more than 86 years ago in August 1932. Initially, the firm used to make wooden toys. The practice continued for about 15 years until they started making Lego plastic bricks in 1947. Since then, the firm has stuck to this model of making playthings, making Lego a unique and distinguished product among the children’s toys globally.

Despite there are a number of toy companies with attractive products for kids around the world, what actually makes LEGO so distinct? Well, you do not need a dedicated VPN Denmark to change your location to find out about the firm. Here is a quick answer to this question.

The LEGO Group has conveniently secured a safe position as the most innovative company in the world for quite some time. The reason why they have safely retained this stance is their openness to embrace the change and accept new technologies. In fact, they are always geared up to adopt technology and experiment with blending their creativeness with the modern-day tech demands. It is because of the strategic adaptability that they have proven themselves in the digital world as well – that too, without compromising on their signature plastic brick model.


As the present generation is quickly attracted to technology, LEGO exploited its basic Lego brick to create digital gameplay. They have created a series of programmable robots, like the R3ptar, that connects virtual play with physical play. They became a part of the DIY Maker movement, empowering the customers to apply their creativity with Lego bricks. This is not only done for the kids, rather the company has taken care of adult needs as well, as it enables the elders to play with Lego bricks and come up with masterpieces. A quick Google search will let you know how creative builders use Lego bricks to create masterpieces.


To promote this DIY Maker creativity, LEGO Group has made use of the internet. With their dedicated YouTube channel, they keep your attention engaged towards Lego, whereas, at the same time, it has enabled the designers and software developers to come up with games and videos based on Lego bricks. Finally, they have even come up with a LEGO movie!

What else do you expect a company should do to prove its innovativeness? Certainly, LEGO possesses every trait to stay in!